Handmade Spooky Silicone Moulds & Jewellery

ZeroFox The Home Of Spooky Silicone Moulds & Unique Jewellery

Why Choose Us?

Zero Fox is a small team of people who are passionate about hand-made quality products. 

Started in 2019 by Joe after a life time of wanting to create his own studio space. With over a decade under Joe's belt working digital design post graduation, Virtual Reality Design with Animation (In what seems like a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away) and over 15 years experience laser cutting. Zero Fox grew rapidly once our customers got their hands on our hand-made products. 

Hannah joined Joe on his journey in 2019 and decided to help him make his dreams come true. Together they wanted to build a future of their own creation, one full of creativity, love & laughter. 'I am the maker, lovingly crafting all of your products by hand and it's me you'll catch on our social media. I have developed many new skills since and been able to try my hand at designing too. I love what I do!'

Offering a variety of design services and hand-made products primarily in the alternative jewellery, we expanded the business in 2020 with more capabilities including UV printers, printer plotters, plotters, CNC machines, resin and 3D printing to give us more ability to hand-craft even more products.

All hand-made products are created in the UK, with attention to detail and care for every order. You can be assured that your order has been inspected not only by a real person but someone who knows about the products and is excited to create them. No sub-par product leaves our doors!